Project Anna Survey

Welcome to the Project Anna survey. Project Anna is the output of an EU funded Erasmus+ initiative that aims to address the gender imbalance in Engineering and Technology. We want to increase the awareness of what it means to be an engineer and to address some of the stereotypes that are associated with studying a technological course at University. From previous research projects (ATTRACT and Ung Ingenjör/Young Engineer) we know self-confidence and perception (of self in the role of engineer/technologist) are issues for high school girls. In our project we are developing a tool called ‘Anna’ (Anna being a fictional character/avatar). ‘Anna’ will assist young girls to search an anonymized database of profiles of alumni and current university students. These profiles will contain information about the motivations and concerns of the current and past students when they chose to enter university, The aim is to gather data from current and past students to provide some reassurance to future users of ‘Anna’ that other people have shared similar concerns.

Information you provide in this survey will be added to our database and will be used to display anonymised profiles to high school students who use the Anna tool in the future. Amalgamated data from our respondents may also be presented to school students (e.g. 42% of our graduates said x). At the end of the survey you can optionally supply your name and email for any follow up communications/data verification. Your time is much appreciated and your answers will be invaluable in motivating the next generation of female engineers and technologists. 

If you are a graduate of Trinity College Dublin, your answers will be displayed to high school students who speak English. If at all possible, please complete this survey in English. If you a graduate of another university, please try to complete the survey in the language associated with that university to reduce the need for manual translation later.

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There are 57 questions in this survey.